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I’m kinda digging the new album (Out of Exile) from Audioslave, but I had to laugh when I wholeheartedly agreed with this review:


Which is not to say that Out of Exile is without excesses, but they’re almost all from guitarist Tom Morello; his playing can still seem laborious, particularly when he clutters single-string riffs with too many notes (the otherwise fine opener, “Your Time Has Come,” suffers from this), and his elastic stomp box excursions verge on self-parody on occasion.


I mean there’s ‘wailing guitar solos’, and then there’s all out stupidity. The dude can play a mean guitar, but does that mean he has to go all wakka chakka chak chak bwooinh bwoooinh chukkuchukkachukka on every bloody song? Why not just pluck a few notes out in a nice easy riff?

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