Anticipating Yahoo Mail

Oddpost…is something I never ever thought I would do. However as a longtime Oddpost subscriber and user, I’m hanging out for that invite to the Yahoo mail beta built by the Oddpost guys. SiliconBeat says:


So when does this roll-out? Oddpost account-holders and heavy Yahoo Mail users will be among the first to try the new technology, which will launch in beta-test mode, in the coming weeks. Beta-testers will be able to toggle between the two versions.


The biggest win for me will be Firefox support. Frankly the only reason I open Internet Explorer on my machine is to check my Oddpost account. Sure I could use mail2web or something, but the Oddpost experience is just so joyful that I continue to endure IE just for the simple daily pleasure of Oddpost. I’m also infinitely pleased to hear the news that a small degree of the Oddpost quirkiness remains in Yahoo mail.

So yes, I’m hanging out for Yahoo mail. What has the world come to?

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