Xbox 360: Naked Facts

XBox 360 LogoKotaku looks to be first out of the blocks with a total expose of all Xbox facts to date. This thing looks killer. One of the tastier quotes is:


It?s hard to compare the current Xbox to the 360, but Rob Smith, editor-in-chief of Official Xbox Magazine, said they certainly tried. The magazine handed the specs over to Maximum PC editors and had them crunch the numbers.
?The bottom line was, between the GPU format and cores, and 512 memory, the Xbox 360 will be significantly faster than the fastest PC,? he said.


The article also confirms two-levels of XBox live. A free, cut-down version which lets you play only on weekends, and a pay-for version allowing unlimited play and advanced player matching (amongst other things).

Release dates are being guessed at around November 05.

Sweet baby jesus! Check out the side-by-side comparison with the current xbox here. So if it does eighty times more gigaflops, does that mean the games will be eighty times more enjoyable? 🙂



  1. 80 times more enjoyable? If only it were that simple…I imagine it probably means 3d modellers and texture designers have to work 80 times as hard eh? So are you going to buy a HDTV next then? Hell do they even sell those in NZ?

  2. Well I’ve seen the Xbox 360 faqs on google. It looks good. The Playstation 3 is gonna suck. PS3 games will cost more than normal since all those “high-tech” graphics are going to be so hard to make. I am a fan of the Playstation generation, but now I am creeping towards Xbox. Forget the stupid Playstation 3, I’m happy with my Playstation 2, but out of the next generation consoles, Xbox 360 is making Playstation 3 and Nintendo’s “N5” look like crap.

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