Strange Bugs # 234

I got a new 1GB SD card for my pocket pc. Works fine in the PPC, but reports as ‘unformatted’ in the built-in card reader on my HP nx9110 laptop. My first thought was a problem with the card itself, but a quick visit to the HP website reveals:


HP Notebook PCs – Memory Stick Pro or SD Cards Over 1 GB Do Not Work in Notebook

Sony Memory Stick Pro MSX-512 cards or SD cards with over 1 GB of storage may not be properly recognized by Windows. Windows may incorrectly determine that the card is not formatted or will not allow you to format the card at the correct density.


No explanation or anything, just an updated driver download. It continually amazes me that developers can actually make this sort of error. I mean do they not jam a 1GB card in the reader as a matter of course as they are developing the system?

One thing I will say – Lexar 1GB SD cards are fast. Very nice.

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  1. I have the same problem with my HP nx9110 laptop…does not recognise the Lexar 1GB SD card…but the same card works in my Kodak dx7590 camera. Sounds like a windows driver issue ??

    anyone with a solution please email me at


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