Makes your whites whiter…

Sometimes you come across a product that sticks out from the crowd of nameless, faceless, marketroid products like a shining beacon in the night. Hell, this one even managed to get past the standard supermarket mind-games1, catching my eye despite being placed close to knee-level. I have no idea what the product does or how it works, but by the gods of laundry, I’ll be buying it because it’s fun!
Fabric Whitener
So yeah, would you buy this stuff, or would you rather buy the “Super Gen-X Fabric Whiteficator!! 67.4% More Whiteness or We’ll Eat our own Heads! It’s eXtreme!!“. Or hang on… maybe that’s what these new guys want me to think? Godammit it’s hard work being a cynic…

Footnote 1: You all know that you get manipulated every time you go to the supermarket don’t you? Manufacturers pay extra to have their products placed at eye level, or at strategic locations at the ends of the aisles. Stay on your toes kids, the marketers are everywhere.

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  1. There’s also “I’M GOOD ALL OVER THE HOUSE”, which is a spray-on surface cleaner. I thought exactly the same as you did when I first saw it: “BUY BUY BUY!” went the signs in my head.

    The only thing close to this that I’ve seen recently is the cover designs for Penguin’s “20 Great Ideas” collection.

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