iPaq + GR230 Bluetooth GPS

iPaq GPS SetupJust another bit of gadgetey goodness I whipped up recently. Ingredients as follows:

  • 1 x Second-hand iPaq PDA from your local internet auction site.
  • 1 x Bluetooth GPS receiver from anywhere, but I find Semsons provide excellent service, plus a free PDA mount (like the one pictured) with most purchases.
  • 1 x PocketMV map viewer for Garmin IMG files.
  • Assorted IMG files for your local area. You can find open-source maps for New Zealand here, or pay for slightly better quality ones like this.

Throw all the ingredients together, mix liberally, and leave to bake on your dashboard for several hours.

Seriously, PocketMV is the glue in the mix. It’s a nifty little piece of software that is different from most cheap ‘moving map’ PDA solutions, because it uses vector maps instead of ‘raster’ images. This means that the maps require many times less storage (e.g. 500kb for all NZ highways, and 600kb for a searchable street-map of Auckland), and also more dynamic in terms of zoomability. Other cheap moving map products require you to download and geo-reference (by marking a couple of known spots) image files, which means you have to decide on the resolution and zoom-scale of your maps before loading them.

Of course I’m highlighting the cheap part, because at US$20, PocketMV in no way competes with the higher-end solutions that also use vector maps, and provide 3D point-of-view display and turn-by-turn routing.

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  1. Dear ben, I have a IPAQ 2210, Holux GPS receiver as CF card,Pocket MV and the open source (Graeme) New Zealand maps. I also have bought Brent maps,
    but can not get them to work.
    I created a subdirectory on my SD card with pocket MV in it and all the IMG files. Now it is a pain to get an image as all, as the Auckland maps do not seem to load.
    The South island ones do. Are there different layers and can I load map after map and load them on top of each other?
    Just can not get it to work, am I doing something wrong?

    cheers and thanks


  2. Hi there, I have downloaded all the .img files from NZ Open Source (Graeme). I must be doing something wrong as I cannot get the files to load on Pocket MV. I assume I merely copy the files onto my HP Pocket PC using Microsoft Activesync? Or is there another proceedure. I also notice that the files that have come from NZ Open Source dont seem to be labeled into cities. Is this the case? Can some one assist?


  3. To tell you the truth I have totally given up on PocketMV now. It seems to be unsupported and flakey.

    Just quietly, if you have a look at the Garmin download site for the GPS10, you’ll find a great little mapping program called Que. Then have a look for a piece of software called GPSProxy (on sourceforge.com). They work together beautifully.

  4. Got Que and got gpsproxy both working. How do I get the map files onto the PPC ? Thanks

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