Burnout for PSP

Burnout PSPGodammit! I was hoping that I would be able to fend off the sparkling gadgetry lure of the Sony PSP, but it looks like the last nail has been beaten into the coffin of my credit card. Burnout, the single most enjoyable console game I have played in the last while, is coming to the PSP. You heartless bastards.

/me looks around for stuff to sell…

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  1. I think that this game promote reckless driving in our youth, and should be banned. Along with games that have references to alcohol and adult relationships

  2. Oh heck yeah! I mean I played Grand Theft Auto just the other day, and was surprised to find myself arrested for possession of an illegal rocket launcher, carjacking, and ‘jaywalking with intent’.
    Where’s the justice in that?

  3. hmmmm, if they release GTA SA on the PSP I might be tempted to join you in the temptation…

  4. I bought mine already on the promise of Burnout. Out of all the racing games I’ve played, that one is the best, hands down.

  5. BURNOUT!!!! I Think i might have heart failure out of excitement. O yeah and i heard there is going to be a GTA for psp I think its being called Libery City Stories or somethin.

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