XBox2 Viral Campaign

Looks like the success of the old ilovebees Halo2 campaign has gone to Microsoft’s head. Speculation abounds that is a new viral marketing campaign for the XBox2/360/revolution whatever. Commenters at have some info on how to dig further:


Here’s what I found out so far. I cannot go any further because the site is down. =\
1) Type “play” in the box.
2) Click the ant thing.
3) Click “Join Existing Colony”.
4) Enter the password “81518413”.


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  1. I tried your passwords and others…the site is not down, it’s just the wrong password.
    How did you get it? I created a community, they give a password but it always ends up by: “The community is growing” and they you’re stuck again.
    Any ideas?

  2. here’s another code to join another colony where you don’t get the white screen anymore.
    After, how to get challenged, IDK

  3. Awww I’m not a hater … if Sony pulled this kind of marketing wankerism I’d still be just as vitriolic, honest. I just don’t get why people find these corporate-advertising-masquerading-as-sites interesting.

    Shit, maybe I’m just not ‘with it’ anymore 🙂

  4. You should try being “not with it” while actually trying to CREATE this shit… I’m a big fan of transparent, corporate sponsored ARGs to increase involvement / add texture to the brand, but I find it creepy / weird / ineffectual / annoying when it’s “disguised” so lamely: “Ooooh, look, it’s the future trying to break through my browser! That MUST be real – especially as the URL was on the end of that HALO2 ad for only two seconds, not like five seconds, wow…”

    ANYway. Apparently I Love Bees was some kind of weird marketing “success” – half a million players, a couple of million lurkers, a global community… but did it SELL any HALO2 product?

    Look at Skype. Look at Google. Just make something good and show it to people; if they like it, they’ll buy into it.

    I would.


    If I was ‘with it’…

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