XBox 360 Confirmed Pics

XBox 360 Hard DriveGodammit what the hell is wrong with me? Like every self-respecting Gen-Xer, I find Marketing (with a capital M) a dirty word. Yet I too am drawn like some sort of blundering 6-foot moth to the flame that is this obtuse picture of a part of the new XBox.

Engadget has confirmed it is real, with these words from a ‘trusted source’:


That is a real pic. What you see is the hard drive mounted on the end of the Xbox 360. Remember it stands up right, this is the top, when standing up right. The picture is shot from the same angle as if you were reading the side of a cereal box but looking at the top.


I’m just pissed that it will be (a) ages before it makes it down here to NZ, and (b) about a squillion dollars at launch. Still, the Halo 2 update has me busy for a few weeks at least.

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