Rubbish Film Festival

For those out-of-town readers, have a look at a vaguely amusing marketing gig by one of our local Telcos. Telecom is promoting the video capabilities of their mobile network by getting users to submit home movies to the Rubbish Film Festival. Unfortunately the Flash setup doesn’t allow me to point you at some of the more amusing capers, but the schoolkids setting shoes on fire then dousing said shoe (and wearer) with C02 is worth a good chuckle.

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  1. Cool concept — it’s made me want to get a phone just to start pasting together some stuff and sending it in. I’ve been quite surprised at some of the little gems in there — there’s a lot of crap to be sure … but some of them are good. It’s like the whole thing of being a director has been devolved to anyone and everyone. Choice.

  2. Yeah. The simplest ones are the best — those one/two take jobs… some of the sound is awful tho! People should be going back to the silent era for inspiration 😉

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