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OK, so here’s another picture of the ‘360 from a slightly different angle:
Xbox 360 End
Combine that with the previous one, and you end up with this (click for a biggie):
Xbox 360 Full
There’s no telling whether that is a render (probably) or an actual product shot, but it does seem to match up with the other pics, and they really do appear to be genuine product shots. So the final product shot raises a couple of issues:

  • No visible controller ports, which means wireless controllers by default. I’m guessing there are a couple of ports under what looks like a fold-down door on the left hand side of that pic.
  • Built in IR port. Finally. IR dongles on consoles are such a kuldgey hack for something that is designed to sit next to your DVD player and TV. It also hints at the truth behind the media centre and/or WebTV rumours.
  • What size is this thing? Looking at the size of the DVD drive relative to the rest of the console, it looks like the console is thankfully going to be a fair bit smaller than the current black behemoth.

So the verdict? Not sure what you guys think, but the power button looks like it’s designed to be operated by a palsied kindergarten child. Sure that’ll help when hundreds of these get donated in the next Penny Arcade Child’s Play charity drive, but I’m not sure if I need a huge green donut glowing at me all night long. But maybe I’m just being picky. Apart from the giant power nipple, it doesn’t seem too nasty (presuming you can get past the all too ’00 white finish with soft curves). Besides, it’s what’s on the inside that counts eh?

And what’s up with the lack of PS3 shots eh? They must be further from release than anyone expected.

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  1. With a case design like that I bet it makes fantastic toast!

    PS: I’m ignoring your pathetic attempt at a PS3 stab there Ben.

    PPS: Ease off on the palsied kids man!

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