Wow what a rush. This morning at about 1am local time this site got referenced on the front page of Slashdot. The page in question was my rather lame attempt at an April fools joke here.

In the ensuing mahem, I replaced the article link with a static version because the database server was getting totally thrashed. The interesting thing was that when I got cocky and linked to the real article from the static page, the server got re-slashdotted simply from the volume of users clicking through from the static page. Amazing.

If you’re interested, this site normally gets around 300 unique visitors in an 24-hour period. In the last 8 or so hours, we’ve had 36,000 hits and 9000 unique visitors. And that’s just the ones that the database managed to record.

So anyway, thanks for visiting, and if this is your first time, pull up that comfy blue sofa over there and make yourself comfortable. Pour yourself a nice cup of tea, and join the rest of us for a while.

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