High Pressure Situation

Weather MapUsually I would not write about such an inane subject as the weather, but frankly this situation has been going on far too long to ignore. Living in Auckland has its ups and downs. The weather can go from beaming sunshine to pouring rain in the space of half an hour. I guess that’s the price you pay for living in a South Pacific island paradise. On average I’d guess that we get one rainy day per week at a bare minimum. In high summer we could go maybe two weeks in a row without rain.

So it is with some concern that I note that the barometer has barely dropped below 1000 hectoPascals since about the 10th of January (the day I returned to work after the holidays, strangely enough). Seriously, in three months we’ve had barely three rainy days, and the rest have been absolute corkers. Fantastic. If this is what global warming does, I say bring it on baby.

Usually at this time of year we’d be fully into Autumn, with cold weather and increasing rain. Instead it’s still running low-to-mid 20’s (Celsius!), and only cooling down in the evenings. In fact I’d almost go as far as to call April to date absolutely perfect. Not a spot of rain, comfortably warm daytime temperatures, and perfect one-blanket nights. I love this place.

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  1. Think of the poor bloody farmers Ben! My father in law is ready to throttle the nice weather lady on Channel 3 if she points to any more happy happy sun graphics on the big board!

    Tis nice though…but the paranoid part of my brain can’t help but wonder if the fates will make us all pay dearly for this once winter does roll around…

  2. I hope you have a better water supply than we have here. Four years ago the spring started quite mild too but we regretted that in high summer when suddenly water supply stopped giving that great fluid for almost three days without warning.

    BTW.: I think there is something wrong with the commenters website-links in your commenting areas.

  3. The comment links are fine. Stu just forgot the http on his.

    Damn farmers. “Too much rain!!!” “Too little rain!!”. Tell them to stop moaning and join the knowledge economy. We can just eat protein pills or hydroponic chicken. 😉

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