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A couple of months ago, my wife and I were approached with an interesting offer by an affluent couple from California. After thinking carefully, we?ve decided to take them up on their offer. My fetish for gadgets is well puplicised through this blog, and I think this offer will help me finally get those gadgets I?ve been coveting for so long.

That?s right, we?re selling our son for $30k. There?s nothing sinister about this, he?s not going into child slavery or anything, Randy and Linda just really liked his demeanor, and they?re keen on a Kiwi kid because they?re usually so healthy. I hear $30 grand is a really good number these days.

So help me out: what would be a good swag of gadgets to get hold of for US$30,000? Here?s my initial wish-list:

  • A nice G4 Powerbook. I?ve always been a Windows guy, but only due to cost. I?m super-keen to try out a nice fast Mac.
  • A Mac mini for home. Our house is pretty small, and a mini would make an ideal home media server thing.
  • An Alienware PC gaming rig, or maybe a hand-built gaming machine.
  • A PSP and/or Nintendo DS.
  • One of those portable media players like the Mrobe or something.


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Update: actually, with the addition of this static page, the rest of the site seems to be coping. Here’s the original article (link removed due to slashdotting-by-proxy) if you’d like to see it.

Update 2: okay, so maybe you guys aren’t responsible enough to be left with that link huh? Are you going to behave yourselves, or I do I have to send you to your room?

Update 3:Just for a touch of light masochism (and pure research), I’m going to try posting a link to the original article again: (linked removed again)

Final Update: Wow. Just wow. You guys really like to ream the buggery out of a webserver when presented with an opportunity eh? It’s 1am down here now, I’m off to bed. Knock yourselves out, and turn the lights out when you’re finished.

Ben Gracewood

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  1. What’s to figure out? Were you confused about my choice of both Mac and PC? I’d love to try a Mac, but I need a decent PC gaming machine, so why not both?

  2. Go to hell you sick-o Kiwian child seliing swine.

    I’d go with a custom amd 64 cluster of around 8 machines. Running linux of course. If you have any karma left after selling your child you will bolster it by adopting a penguin.


  3. What’s a kiwi kid?

    (BTW, when you have a code like that, it’s supposed to be human readable. Took me 3 tries…)

  4. What’s a kiwi kid?

    (BTW, when you have a code like that, it’s supposed to be human readable. Took me 3 tries…)

  5. ‘Kiwi’ is what we New Zealanders call ourselves a lot of the time.
    I know your pain about the confirmation code, but when I made it easily human readable, the spambots were able to read it too.

  6. i got 50,000 for my gerbil i sold him into slavery sad thing is he found his way home. april fool

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  8. That’s freaky, but I’d get about every console known to man and then give the rest to a dancer named Candy. Oh, and one copy of every megaman game created would be in my posession!!

    BTW: Really, Truly, Outstandingly sick and funny!!!

  9. Forget the small, worthless gadgets… for $30,000 you can get a nice Mitsubishi EVO rolling chassis and start building a nice Rally car. Not THAT is a gadget!

  10. are you serious a gadget for a kid?

    anyway get the psp. 1000x better than the ds.good use of $250.

  11. its the way, if george sr. had made this most generous of sacrifices than our present george w seeing the new stuff pop got for his lame rear, would have marched into iraq gadgets galore knowing the joy his daddy got when he traded little george for a speed boat in maine. Electronics, games, nintendo, air hockey the list endless and all the time feeding our manufacturing compadres and for the double bonus all this child labor to fill the orders for the fathers=the one flaw is who to run it oh yeah – cheeny from a blind trust this way when he has a kid for lunch he can honestly say i never saw anything like what you are talking about-oh yes lunch was very tender, not too meaty- spare ribby

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