So in the aftermath of a slashdotting, I can’t help but feel some sort of nagging requirement to make a sizzler of a followup post. I wish I could, but unfortunately I can’t provide some sort of scandalous rumour about the XBox 360 or the Nintendo QuadScreen.

What I can do is point our new viewers at some of the tastier giblets of interweb information that this site has served up in the past, as perhaps a ‘free sample’ to an impending crack addict.

Pull up a comfy chair and have a read of that stuff, and then maybe pop back and visit occasionally to see if I’ve added anything new.

News on the baby-selling front: my wife was pretty unhappy with the proposal, so I’ve come up with a new idea. Male prostitution. It makes a lot of sense really. It will provide more of a steady income for buying gadgets, rather than a one-off hit, and it will leave my days free to do regular work.

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