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XBox Guide ThumbnailIn my not-insignificant gaming experience, XBox Live! has to be one of the slickest on-line gaming experiences one will ever encounter. It’s no surpise then that Microsoft is pushing Live! as one of the key aspects (if not the key aspect) of the next-gen XBox.

Details have been release of the XBox Guide:


This entertainment gateway will help players easily manage all facets of their next-generation Xbox experience: games, friends, music, and more.


If Microsoft can translate the Halo 2 online experience to more games, then I’m totally for it. The idea of gaming online with a group of friends – rather than having a hit-and-miss affair by choosing servers manually – is excellent.

In case you’ve been living in a cave, there’s also been plenty of interesting talk around the new console, specifically relating to customisation, Hi-Def, and online.

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