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I have finally freed myself from the arcane concept of the television schedule. After reading about the wonders of televisual bittorrents for several months, I finally decided to dip my toes into the font, and I have to say the water is great.

The dromedary back-breaking straw that caused me to enter the world of TV-on-demand was the revelation that series 10 of Survivor had started in the US, barely seconds after series 9 finished here in NZ. Notwithstanding any arguments about the merits of ‘reality’ television1, this of course meant the choice was either to wait months until the local stations deigned to show the program to us, or jump on the bittorrent riverboat.

Sites like this and this provide a veritable Amazon river of recorded and compressed television shows. Simply select your poison, grab the torrent, wait for several hours, then immerse yourself in an hour of fresh television. Unfortunately New Zealand’s anemic broadband situation means a 6-odd hour wait at 256kbps for the show to be assembled by thousands of tiny bittorrent elves, but running the download overnight is the simplest way to pass time.

Of course having a hacked (or fixed as I prefer to call it) XBox also makes watching these shows a very pleasurable experience. Rather than crowding around a laptop screen, or tethering the computer to the television, I can simply plonk the files onto the XBox, and view them on the regular television at leisure.

If you have more than a passing interest in television, and you haven’t yet sampled this style of access, I could not recommend it more highly.

1. Of course I realise that Survivor is about as ‘reality’ as the cheese in a McDonalds burger, but I still believe it is an interesting study in human interaction. Often people get ‘voted out’ because they piss someone off, meaning that the unassuming person who doesn’t piss anyone off will get surprisingly far in the game. By gods if I’m ever on Survivor I’ll be voting off that boring fucker on the first day!

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  1. Or play some X-Box :). I just picked up the PS2 version of Burnout 3 for a paltry $38.50 from the Warehouse. Ahhh…I see why the reviews rave about the game. It *is* almost gaming perfection!

  2. Ooooh yeah. Burnout 3 is a fantastic game. Wait till you unlock the super-fast cars – you’ll seriously feel like your eyeballs are drying out, due to unblinkingness. I do read books too 🙂 Just finished the Baroque Cycle actually – I recommend it – and have started into the DaVinci Code.

  3. Personally I’m eagerly awaiting the new Harry Potter book…..
    Hopefully Hermione will give Harry a slap across the face and tell him not to get anyone else killed.

    And is it just me or are some of those ?Enter this code? bits incredibly hard to read?
    Have to refresh them everynow and again simply so I can read what they say!


  4. Just thought I’d point out there is an algorithm which gets ez-gimpy captchas right 92% of the time… although I’m not sure what type you’re using 🙂

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