Ambient Dashboard

Despite the friendly hobbits and lack of traffic, living in New Zealand has its downsides. Lack of coverage for Ambient Devices is one of them. Ambient uses a radio paging system to transmit updates to their lovely analog devices, meaning the art-grade gadgets can sit somewhere subtle, and display useful information.

The original Orb is designed to show the status of one indicator, which while very cool, is a little limiting. So how about the Ambient Dashboard? In a feat of engineering reminiscent of the Hoover Dam (but smaller), ambient have engineered this little device so that by simply replacing the little faceplates under the needles, the device is automatically reconfigured to display the data relevant to the gauge. I presume there are little pixies living inside each device, and these pixies look at the gauge to determine which puch cards to insert into the internal workings. Ingenious!

Ambient Dashboard

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