Xbox 360? Details Revealed

In a scoop of stupendous proportions, Kotaku claim to have the inside skinny (of the actual, real, non-rumour type) on the Xbox 360?.

A couple of the more interesting morsels from the article:

  • Two models, one with a hard drive, one without.
  • Customisable hardware (via colored faceplates) and software (via dashboard customisations).
  • Possibly dropping or toning down the ‘XBox’ name itself, in favour of just ‘360?’

Very interesting. I can only imagine that the customisation options are to partially appease the modders, who very much like to have an individualised console with blue LEDs and external LCD status panels. I personally can’t see it stopping the hard-core modders, but the kids that like to have sparkly faceplates on their cellphones will certainly be happy.

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    With the glittering and light flashing and the flickering of pulsing……..

    Or you could just accept that you have passed through puberty and get a mans machine (i.e. a pc)
    Double or in your case you could realise that you do have a mans machine and stop playing with the kiddies and kiddie wannabes?

    Sigh… yeah its friday afternoon and I’m counting the minutes to hometime…
    (you know the one.. its just after little play)

  2. I gotta say my bullshit detector starting barking reading that article Ben. I’ll be very suprised if the XBox ‘360’ ends up looking anything like Kotaku mention…

  3. Errr, yeah, that’s why they said the image is just a mockup…

    I wasn?t able to get any pictures of the 360?, but Gizmodo?s Joel was kind enough to do a mock-up of it?s face plate for us.

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