Two Questions

Question One: why do nasty virii that cause 40.5? body temperatures and pneumonia strike at 3pm on a Friday afternoon of the nicest weekend of summer, causing one’s wife to spend Friday and Saturday night in hospital? What bastard thought of that scenario? While I wouldn’t wish the symptoms on most of my enemies, I still would have thought a Tuesday in deepest winter would have been a better option. Here we are sitting inside on a lovely summer Sunday, my wife sipping Lemsip and me using the computer whilst wrangling an increasingly bored toddler. It’s more like some kind of wet winter afternoon.

Which is a nice segue into my second question: how the hell do solo parents manage? I mean it’s nigh-on impossible to go to the bathroom, let alone have a shower, with an upwardly mobile 1.25 year old in the house. My level of admiration has increased for the thousands of solo parents that manage to raise largely normal kids. I also have a newfound understanding of the ways in which a solo-parented kid could get so totally screwed up: it’s simply impossible to give kiddie the same level of attention that we can with two of us time-sharing. And that was just one weekend’s worth of solo parenting!

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  1. Haha nice point. Stu will tell you that I’m pretty bad when it comes to rolling the old D6, so I guess I’m bound to have bad luck with 1-in-7 chances too 🙂

  2. I like the 40% of sick days aare taken on monday andn friday.
    I also like advoecardough on toast.

  3. Bad at rolling the dice Ben? Naah…I am the master of 1’s when I need 6’s and 6’s when I need 1’s. I swear I must have offended Fortuna in some past life…

  4. Same here in Griechenland, we call it a “illness curve”, with highs on mondays on fridays and a drastic low on weekends… Unfortunately me as a friend of Urlaub Griechenland I can?t afford to be ill, as I am self employed …

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