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  1. What vibration settings does it have? I mean seriously…doesn’t that ummm remind you of something else? Or maybe I’ve been viewing too much pwern recently…

  2. If this is mean to combat the iPod shuffle, why does it not have mac support? i have a mac, & i would have to use Virtual PC to use this, which i do, & is very slow process to get music on, & it doesent actuly transport MP3’s it has its own encoder & when comes up as a flash drive the music file come up as “.omg” not .mp3, which makes this annoying, untill they make asn OMG conveter for the mac or some software that allows you to use the product for mac this is fairly useless unless u have a PC or just want it for a flash drive, anywho i hope to see beter support from a company such as sony in the future….

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