A little while back you might have read about my concerns regarding work-related searches against this blog. I’m not sure where to go with this one, but I’m living with the fact that awareness of this site from within Datacom has gone at least three levels above me. I’m not sure if this really makes any difference to what I do here (here being work and/or blogging).

It’s not like I’m Robert Scoble or anything. If I understand, Robert was hired by Microsoft specifically because he was a respected blogerati. However there’s also the whole ‘markets are conversations‘ meme, which (if you listen to the zealots), almost demands that companies have bloggers. I’m not sure I’d go that far.

I’ve worked in information technology long enough to know that – short of maybe corporate lawyers – we tend to know more about the intimate workings of customer’s businesses than any other external professionals. Without that knowledge it would be impossible for us to deliver valuable systems. This sounds like something I’ve been ordered to write, but I’m really just protecting my own ass, and letting you know that you’ll never see an inkling of that on this blog. It would be comparable to Scoble saying “Bill G is really scared of the iPod and we’re struggling internally to come up with a competing product” 🙂 He’d be out of there faster than a cut cat.

Work-related stuff that I will occasionally write about is general development stuff (like this, this and that). I’m also happy to answer any non-specific development related questions (.NET mainly, but a smattering of Java and Linux). If you’re anything like me, you might come across this site when vetting Datacom as a prospective employer. I’d be happy to answer questions, but would probably have to clear it with someone internally first – so please excuse any delays.

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