Under Observation?

Spooky. The latest search referal hits on this blog have been from someone searching for “ben gracewood blog datacom“. Pray do tell me (in the comments section) if it is you, so I can discount the idea that I am being vetted by my new employer.

On the off chance that I am being vetted by my employer, I’d just like to say hi, and welcome. And please do not join the list of companies that have fired people for blogging!

The main reason that I’m open and honest about who I am and who employs me, is because it’s the stuff I’d like to know before joining a new company. In fact whenever I’m being interviewed for a new position, the first thing I do is read the company’s corporate website, followed closely by a search for bloggers from within the company. I’d like to think if any prospective employees read my post on Datacom, it would be of benefit to them.

I’m soooo itching to know who typed that search term!

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  1. Weee! Nothing like being vetted online. No one can do that on me – my real name is in no way associated with my website.

    If they were to find out…

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