Right Tool for the Job

Dingo - click to enlargeThere are instances in one’s life that the phrase “use the right tool for the job” is brought into stark relief, like some sort of portent. Like a flourescent orange two-headed cat or something. Perhaps it was the time you tried to jam wires into a new telephone jackpoint with a kitchen knife, and then found the little insertion tool. Or was it trying to remove the bottom bracket from a mountain bike using a hammer and screwdriver, before being handed the correctly sized key tool?

Anyway, let it be said that if you want to move a metric fuckload of dirt around, and you have limited access (a 1.25m wide gate, to be precise), then a Dingo is the correct tool for the job. Don’t be fooled by the cute name. This is not some sort of kiddies Tonka toy. This bad boy shovels dirt like hot butter, and it certainly doesn’t slow down when you clip the fence, as a semi-splintered fencepost will bear witness. Hell, if you really want to geek-out your garden-modding, there’s even a remote control version.

This Dingo thing rips around the garden like some sort of heavyweight battlebot. The operator stands precariously exposed on the back of the machine, and by gods, you’d better hang on. It climbs over any intervening dirt mounds, garden implements, or slow cats, without a second thought for the safety of the tiny human perched upon it. I’ve even whipped up a short video so you can see how the thing gets around. I swear if you watch the video, it’s like I’m not moving my hands. The thing has a mind of its own.

It must be said that the Dingo is no good for serious contouring work. It actually isn’t heavy enough to plow deeply into compacted dirt. We ran over the area with a rotary hoe first, to break up the soil, then used the Dingo to shift the dirt around, and skim the area flat. Still, it’s a hell of a lot more fun than a punch in the face, and I highly recommend hiring one for bachelor parties or something 🙂

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