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Wow, OK. Boom. Upgraded the site to the latest beta version of WordPress, mainly because I’m that kinda guy, and I like living on the edge. If you notice anything particularly funky, then feel free to let me know, but I’m more than likely hacking away trying to fix it anyway.

Update: I lied. I actually upgraded because I was having strange problems with the RSS feed for the site, and felt it was pretty important to fix it given that around half of you appear to use RSS to read this stuff.

WordPress has a heap of significant changes since the last stable release (1.2.2 I think), including the fact that the pages are now split up into logical sections (main, header, footer, sidebar), which is rather ironic considering I did the same thing with my previous layout to make it easier to edit the separate sections. I’ve hacked around with the layout and CSS a bit, so hopefully it doesn’t look too offensive, nor too identical to the default WordPress layout.

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