More XBox 2 News

Okay, so this guy Alex Albrecht appears to be a bit of a one man rumour mill. A reasonably accurate one it would seem. I presume because this is the first time I’ve heard of him, I’m apparently not a member of the ‘in group’ of technorati types. In fact I fully expect to get a wedgie from the in-crowd for admitting that. So anyway, this Alex dude has some juicy news about the XBox 2:


1) Hard Drive… Yes! There was some speculation that MS was going to take the HD out to make it more difficult to Mod.

2) Flash based HD… Yes!!! It was told to me that the HD was going to be flash based… small size fast access… BAM!


.. and other stuff too, including a big affirmative on a E3 launch.

I shall now quietly subscribe to his RSS feed so that I can hear the rumours first-hand and pretend to be one of the cool kids.

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