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I wonder how much content goes unread over the holiday period? Down here in New Zealand, we’re in the midst of summer (albeit a pretty average one weather-wise), which means that I’ve spent a lot of my time outdoors, and have been away from the computer for a week. There was no option but to click the ‘mark all as read’ option on Bloglines when I returned. Of the 50 or so blogs that I subscribe to, I usually fully read maybe 10, and scan the rest. That made about 200 posts to fully read, and over 500 to scan, so I just chose not to.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the time put into those posts, but I felt that if I did all the back-reading, it would be like I never took the week off in the first place. Besides, the only news worth noting over that week was the inescapable horror of the tsunami in the Bay of Bengal. Our initial ‘crikey’ reaction at the initial news and 10,000 death toll turned to ‘oh my god’ when it became 50,000; ‘jesus bloody christ’ when the next day revealed 80,000; and finally numb horror as the toll climbed past 125,000.

I don’t know what to say. We’ve donated what we can, but beyond that, the event is so massive that it is beyond my ability to comprehend the horror and suffering, let alone understand what is required to help.

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