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Arrgh. The comment spam is never ending. Nary a day goes by without an email telling me that there is a new comment on a posting from “Texas Hold-em Casinos” with a billion links to some online gambling site.

In an effort to combat this comment spam, I’ve installed a wee additional check on all comment postings (courtesy of a plugin/hack from You’ll be asked to type in a code from an image like this:
Auth Image
Hopefully that’s not too arduous for most of you, but it should keep the automatic spambots at bay. Perhaps leave a comment on this post if you’d like, so I can see if it’s working.

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  1. Hot damn! That’s what I need. Currently I get so few comments legitimate comments I’ve just set WordPress up to notify me of each one and I vet them all. The comments that match entries in my spam list simply get discarded thanks to various plug-ins.

    This is a much sexier solution however. I shall schlup it across to now.

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