…and the iPod Shuffle

iPod shuffleAlong with the Mac mini, Apple has announced a new flash-based iPod. Photos and text again courtesy of MacMerc.com.


01:50 PM – iPod Shuffle: really tiny (smaller than most packs of gum), no screen, weighs under 1 ounce. Cap on the bottom, USB 2. 12 hour rechargeable battery. PC/Mac. Looks about the size of a flash key drive.

01:53 PM – Autofill: button in iTunes to make a playlist sized for the iPod shuffle. You can also manually fill it. You can also use the iPod Shuffle as a USB flash drive (choose how much for songs how much for data).

01:54 PM – 2 models: 512MB for $99 and 1GB for $149.99.


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