The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Update: Reviews are coming in, and this thing looks like it could be a smash hit.

Looking at those juicy screenshots from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, you’d swear they were from a cinematic cut-scene, but no:


IGNPC: The screenshots for Oblivion look too good to be true. (To be fair, we said the same thing about the first Morrowind screens.) What new graphical effects and techniques are you using in Oblivion? What types of things are you showing in the screens?

Todd Howard: I can assure you those shots are 100% real, taken right from playing the game and will look even better in the final product, as there are effects we’re working on now that haven’t been shown yet. The main effects we use include normal mapping and specular mapping, which are becoming commonplace in games. We also use parallax mapping, which is kind of like displacement mapping. This allows surfaces to appear truly 3D in a pixel-shader, even though they are flat.


This sort of stuff makes me want to get back into PC gaming. If anyone has any tips on how to fit a kick-ass gaming rig into a tiny two-bedroom house containing a couple of adults and a tiny one-year-old entropy generator, please let me know.

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  1. O . . . M . . . F . . .G . . . I have never said that a game looked beautiful in my entire life. But my god this game looks beautiful

  2. This game the only game with better graphics is halo2 and mabey not even then.just amazing!!!!!

  3. omfg……beautiful i have to get the gamejust because it looks so real the elder scrolls went to a new level ……….when does it cone out?

  4. oh-my-god this is like better than WoW a.k.a world of warcraft im getting of it and on this cant wait for 360=)

  5. This is the best game I ever seen as long as i live (14 years :P) This is amazing i wish my pc can play the game but i don’t think so its to good graphics.

    greezzzz Dutch Oblivion

    P.S. nice website!!!!!

  6. grate …i’ll have a chance to test my new computer 🙂

    procesor 3Ghz
    Radeon X800GTO
    1028 MB ram
    that’s should be enought
    P.S Sorry 4 my english – I’m from Poland 😛

  7. This game looks amazing. I absolutely love Morrowind. I can’t wait until I can afford this product.

  8. Outstanding game, excellent graphics. sound also good & most important is outstanding performance.

  9. i loved morrowind,ihavent played oblivion,ijust want to eat chocolate,oh my god the closet is staring at me,ham is a mystical word,use it wisely.poopy le poop333

  10. i own this game already it’s gay jk it is fkng sweet mothers of fkrs btchs!!!!!111

  11. A must have for any Fantasy Gamer, stunning graphics, great storyline, good gameplay with a seemingly endless next to real environment.
    GO GET!

  12. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion should be worshiped like a holy relic. these graphics are so amazing… so real… so up to date, that i feel like im gona spend $5,000 for the fastest computer in the world with hyper clocking, and then buy this game. I will play it..!!FOREVER!!

  13. hello. I think that you all should know that this is not a game it is a piece of delicious, rancid meat which should be consumed. you should then pass out and fall on a sword made of wisdom and die only to be revived twenty two years later to find that the sword you fell on was actually your last living relative. After he too is revived you should go on a quest to understand fully the consequences of eating to much meat only to fall once again on to a sword made of wisdom. This time the sword is actually a sword that is made by your very own son who hated you ever since he was born under the name of Rolph Harris. At this point you lose all your dignity and die of shame and blood loss.

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