Halo 2Currently I find myself strangely drawn to the XBox whenever I have a free moment. I think it has something to do with the gods of Halo 2, and the desire to pump foes full of exploding projectiles from dual-wielded needlers. ‘Rapid Assault’ is my current gametype of choice – one team starts with the ‘bomb’ and must take it to the other team’s base. The ‘bomb’ has to be held by a player within a small ‘bomb arming zone’ area for 10-20 seconds (cumulative). This gametype results – almost without fail – in the following scenario:

  • Assaulting team makes a mad rush on the target (usually with the bomb carrier as passenger in a warthog/jeep), almost invariably gaining the arming zone.
  • Bomb carrier is killed just short of the time required to arm the bomb
  • Assault team repeatedly assaults the target (respawing at their start point when killed), sometimes aquiring the dropped bomb and adding one or two seconds to the arming time.
  • Either the arming is completed (Assault wins), or the bomb-return time lapses, resulting in the bomb being returned to the start point, making the task impossible (Defence wins after another minute or so).

For some reason this gametype seems to promote a decent amount of teamwork. I think it’s the fact that the bomb must be held at the target, as opposed to CTF-style maps, where one player can extract the flag, then other players slowly move it back to base one-by-one. On the odd occasion that players actually team up on CTF maps, a win is dead easy. It’s a lot harder to stop four or five players protecting a flag carrier, than one lone flag carrier.

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