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iPod PhotoThe chaps over at TheGadgeteer.com have a review of the 60GB photo iPod. Nothing really new here, but it is quite nice to read a review from other than the big-guns (c-net, Amazon etc.)

As you would expect, no surprises. The interface and usability are as slick as ever, and enhanced by the colour screen. I’m pretty surprised by the size comparison picture though. Who would’ve thought that a colour screen and slightly larger drive would require an almost doubling in thickness over the 4th-gen iPod? My guess is that they’ve actually made the case slightly larger than required, so they can add new features to future photo iPods (wifi anyone?) without having to re-work the case.

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  1. This is my dream mp3 player/photo album. I love the color LCD screen, it looks great! I?ve had it for a month now, and at first I thought since it was bigger than the mini, it?d be to big to carry. But the slim design made it an easy fit for my pocket whenever I go to the gym. I use it mostly for music and I have plenty of room for all my songs that can run forever on the long battery life. Plus, it?s real easy to enter and scroll through the few photos I have. Besides the initial problem of figuring out how to wake it from ?sleep? mode, the main problem is the EXCESSIVE price. If I wasn?t able to get it for $40, I wouldn?t have been able to get it. If you want to find out how you can get it for $40 as well, just email me at chinolany@hotmail.com.

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