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Halo 2 statsThe Halo 2 stats system at Bungie.net is insanely good. You get the standard breakdown of kills/deaths, flag caps, objectives, and all that. But the icing on the cream-filled, triple-decker chocolate cake is the Game Viewer.

For every map, there are a number of static screenshots. When you open the game viewer, those screenshots are shown, overlaid with icon-based stats, showing where you went, and who you laid the smackdown on. I swear, if you zoom in you can even see the can opener I used to open the can of whup-ass.

Take a look at that screenshot to the right (click for a full version). It shows the offensive team’s starting point for one-flag CTF on Zanzibar. The offensive team leaves from this point, then has to return there with the flag (if they manage to steal it). I was on defense, madly chasing the flag-stealer. My icon is the little hot-pink number. You can see I finally pegged the flag carrier (the dude with the radioactive icon) at the top of the stairs, using a sub-machinegun. Then I leapt off the top, ran to the parked warthog, and jumped onto the autocannon mounted on the rear of it. You can see the three arrows, representing (in an iconographic manner), the frenzy of a man possessed, 30 seconds remaining on the map, trying to stop the offensive team from moving the flag about 6 inches to their capture point. And I managed to do it. We won the round because offence didn’t cap the flag in time.

As the kids say these days: w00t!!!11!!1

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