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Forza Motorsport

Speaking of wicked graphics and gameplay…. how good is Forza Motorsport looking? Built by the same guys that made Project Gotham Racing 2, with the added bonus of heaps of licensed cars and a full suite of modifications – both performance and cosmetic. TeamXBox have a great article detailing the depth of the cosmetic modification system. It’s this depth of detail, added to an amazing physics and graphics engine, that will have Sony quaking in its boots over the ever-delayed Gran Turismo 4. Not even mentioning the fact that Sony have dropped online play from the initial release of GT4, while Forza will support XBox Live! out of the box.

One of the benefits of Forza using the PGR2 engine is that the epic full-length Nurburgring track will be available (along with other famous tracks and some street circuits a-la PGR2). With in-game lap record times in the low 6-minute region, and lesser mortals like myself struggling to beat 9 or 10 minutes, the Nurburgring is a sight to behold, and an amazing feat on a memory-starved console.

Looking for more? Check out these comments from an interview with Lead Designer Dan Greenawalt:


Forza Motorsport is a pure simulation engine wrapped in an accessible motorsport-based game world. With realistic assists, fantastic tactile control, and player feedback, players will be able to pick up and play. However, because of the depth of the physics, the player can continue to learn about the car and travel the path of mastery as a race car driver. Every car is a new experience. Weight and friction transition realistically, allowing great racers to express themselves through their driving. Meanwhile, we’ve employed realistic traction and anti-spin assists that will allow inexperienced drivers to compete and be successful.


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  1. I stopped playing realistic racing games after GT2. It was around then I discovered I was actually more interested in the sensation of speed and racing than I was in tweaking shock settings and wheel angles :)…

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