Email Sortage

I just caught myself in the act. My email system on Oddpost consists of an inbox and a bunch of folders. I manually1 sort incoming emails into folders (Friends, Family, Trading/Ebay, Misc…), a couple of times a day. Every couple of weeks, I look at those folders and think: “man, there’s a lot of crap in these folders… I’ll just delete everything from them…”

So why sort them in the first place? Weird. I kinda hate email like that – some people obsessively hoard email conversations (see GMail’s 1GB allowance), but they wouldn’t do the same for a phone conversation or a particularly amusing dinner conversation. More than once I’ve wished to recall a hilarious (usually drunken) verbal conversation, but I don’t recall wanting to recall a funny email thread. Perhaps the retrospective hilarity of the verbal conversation is accentuated by the fact that we aren’t able to recall it exactly?

1. I don’t do automatic sorting because the cludgey IMAP email client on my Nokia 6600 does not handle multiple folders, so if I check my email and some new emails have been auto-sorted into folders, I don’t see them. Phhht.

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