Apple iPhone Debate

I’ve mentioned the possibility before, and now there is a huge debate raging after Russle Beattie revisited the idea of an Apple mobile phone. iTalk, iPhone, whatever…

One of the comments makes a very valid point. Basically he points out that cellphones are a service-first proposal, whereas Apple is traditionally a product-first company, relying on sexy, functional products to draw customers into the fold. Or more succinctly:


Steve Jobs will NEVER do a handset unless he can design, and control the entire end to end user experience. Remember this is Steve Jobs we’re talking about. Do you really think he would design a drop dead georgous handset and then hand it over to a mobile operator who we all know will f*ck up every single data service with insane pricing and/or horrible interoperability?


Further on in the debate, there is an interesting anonymous comment. I don’t really know what to make of it, and frankly I don’t really believe it, but here it is anyway:


Russ – Sorry for posting anon, but I think you’ll understand why… I don’t have any information either, but a friend of a friend knows someone… that is currently working on something quite similar. Running Symbian OS, no less. And they are spending a lot of development on making the iSync experience perfect. I’d rather this was ‘for Russ’ eyes only’, and not for general consumption, so please delete this post. Just in case it puts anythng in the project or anyone in jeopardy.


I’m sorry, that just sounds too secret squirrel and ‘tinfoil hat’ to be believable.

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