Gabe over at Penny Arcade mirrored some of the thoughts I had early-on on the whole baby-rearing process:


So a few nights ago I was up with the baby and he was sort of wheezing and breathing really fast. Obviously this concerned me so I turned to the internet for answers. First of all let me say that there is no place online for young/new fathers to discuss the rigors of parenthood and share advice. If I got off on sticking my dick in sour cream while watching the History channel, I could find a hundred different forums full of like minded individuals. There are plenty of forums for dads but they are either empty or full of old men who dish out advice like “put in more time at work.” and “Start drinking.”


I agree wholeheartedly. As a young-ish dad of a 10-month-old boy, I’ve been pretty lucky in having a) a fairly cool little baby-guy, and b) a number of siblings and friends with babies of not-too-dissimilar ages.

Even so, many has been the time that I’ve been wanting to ask, discuss, or just simply vent my spleen on the topics of babies and parenting. As Gabe said, most forums designated for the discussion of procreation seem to be tilted towards either the ‘sad and jaded’ or ‘hippie breastfed three-year-old’ ends of the spectrum.

So, I’ve launched some new forums. The plan here is to offer a no-holds-barred, mutual back-scratch session, designed mainly to help not-entirely-insane new (and probably not-so-new) parents.

All of that said, have a gander at the rules, get registered, and get posting!

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