Nintendo gets it oh so right

Now that is how you deal with a bad PR day. Nintendo were vilified across the web this morning after a very stupid lawyer wrote to (following link not safe for work – it’s a porn site) SuicideGirls claiming that they were infringing on Nintendo trademarks by having a member post Metroid and Zelda as his favourite games.

Thankfully, the PR guys at Nintendo saw the slow moving freight train accident in progress and did the right thing. Basically they explained that they target porn sites using their names that try to attract kiddies, and mistakenly (I presume through some sort of spider software) targetted the site in question. They apologised profusely, and offered a token of goodwill:


As a gesture of goodwill, we would like to offer you (and RuneLateralus) a free Nintendo video game system and game of your choice. (…)

In addition, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with contact information for RuneLateralus, or have him contact us directly, so that we may apologize to him. We would be glad to send him a game and system of his choice through you as well, since we do not have his contact information.


Top stuff! Nintendo, we salute you for not being cocks.

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