It’s PodCasting – live with it!

Chris Pirillo and others are talking about (literally!) one of the latest memes: PodCasting. PodCasting is the practise of recording an audio blog (30 mins ish) and making it available as an MP3, often enclosed in an RSS feed for easy subscription and downloading.

Chris’ latest PodCast revolves largely around complaining that the name ‘PodCast’ implies that the technology is only available for iPods. I’m sorry Chris, but you’re gonna have to live with it. This is the sort of thing that happens when 90-plus percent of media players sold are iPods, and when the iPod is the 4th most demanded Christmas present. Complaining about the name ‘PodCasting’ is (to me) like complaining about people xeroxing a document, or listening to a file in WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. Hell, I’d even argue that when lay-people (including those teenagers interviewed for the Christmas present survey) talk about an ‘iPod’, they are often talking about the generic concept of a digital audio player, rather than the white one with a scrollwheel.

Give it a couple of months, and the ‘PodCast’ meme will be sufficiently hardened such that the term ‘PodCast’ will simply mean a blog distributed in audio format (probably MP3), and nothing to do with an iPod.

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