rx3715 “It’s not a PDA” reviewed

iPaq rx3715TrustedReviews.com (via The Register) has a review of HP’s rx3715 Mobile Media Companion. Haha, you can’t pull the wool over my eyes HP, I know that it’s actually a PocketPC PDA.


A Mobile Media Companion has to provide for more than just video and stills, though, and a second button on the bespoke Today screen is labelled ‘mobile media’. Tapping this takes you to a new screen offering locally stored and streamed material, the latter accessed across the built in 802.11b and requiring that you install the provided Mobile Media for PC software on a Windows XP machine. If you use an older operating system, or run a Mac, you’ll need to find a different streaming solution. While on the subject of wireless, you get Bluetooth functionality too, so you should be able to stay connected pretty much anywhere.


Still, I found when I had a PocketPC (the iPaq 4150) I used it more as a mobile media device than a PDA, so I reckon HP is doing a good thing by embracing this and actually providing some useful software for accessing and enhancing the media capabilities of the PocketPC platform.

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