Rio Carbon + Some Headphones = Crap

Rio Plug have notified Rio of a problem with their new Carbon digital audio player. It appears that if you have headphones with a metal base on the plug, then you will get static and crackling when the metal plug contacts the metal surround of the headphone socket on the player. Rio have agreed that the problem exists, but come up with some pretty unsatisfactory options to stop it happening, including putting sticky tape on your brand new electronic device.


As a customer with more than half of my headphones affected, this response is not satisfactory. I don’t get any static using the same headphones on other players, so it is a problem with the Carbon. We will wait to see how things shape up in the near future before making judgement on how Rio handles the situation.


DAPReview includes the following headphones as starter list of headphones that cause the problem: Sony MDR-7506, Shure E3c, Grado SR60/SR80, Sennheiser PX100/PX200, Koss KSC-35, and Etymotic ER4.

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