Nokia Gets Into Bed with Metrowerks

Werk it baby! Nokia have announced a deal with Metrowerks’ tools division, which creates CodeWarrior, the tool of choice for many C++ developers building applications for the Symbian platform. They Symbian platform underlies Nokia’s higher-end devices such as the Series 60 (6600, 3650 etc) and Series 80 devices (Communicator). Nokia will license tools from Metrowerks, and some Metrowerks staff will join Nokia. In return, Nokia have promised to develop and provide extensions for Symbian development.

In Nokia’s own words, the deal will benefit the entire Symbian ecosystem, resulting in faster time to market by providing a single source for platform and device development processes. Right, I see.

Other users of the Symbian platform (e.g. Sony-Ericsson) will no doubt be cautious of the deal, having previously accused Nokia of railroading the Symbian development process.

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  1. CodeWarrior sucks ass. It’s the crappiest IDE I’ve used. We’re stuck with it for Palm development. Best way to improve it would be to fire the dev team out of a cannon.

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