Get $500 for $250

Muvo2Some enterprising types have taken some time to dissect the new Creative MuVo2 FM digital audio player, and have discovered that its 5GB storage space is provided by a standard compact-flash compatible drive. These tiny, large capacity drives typically retail for around $500, which (given that the MuVo2 costs $250-ish), would appear to be a license to print money.

The guys that did the dissecting managed to get the drive to work in a Nikon digital camera. Given it is a standard CF interface inside the MuVo2, there is no reason why you couldn’t replace the 5GB drive with a smaller CF drive, or indeed a standard solid-state CF card.

As with similar discoveries in the past, this is probably an anomaly, and Creative will be working to cripple the drives so that they are incompatible with other devices. This was the case with the earlier 4GB MuVo, and (if I recall correctly) the early iPod minis too.

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