More Nokia PDA Rumours

A couple of months ago we talked about the Nokia PDA rumours. Today Brighthand points to a research note that goes a bit further into detail, talking about a Nokia ‘Treo killer’:


Earlier this week, A.G. Edwards published a research note that said, “Though we have no confirmation from sources, we believe that Nokia is readying a ‘Treo-like’ smartphone that pairs a keyboard with its Series 60 user interface and a higher resolution screen.” The note referred to this device as a “Treo-killer.”


Regardless of the specific form factor, I think Palm and PocketPC do have a fair bit to worry about if Nokia get into the larger screen, Treo-like devices. It always amazes me that the Sony Ericsson P800/900 devices have such a huge user base, but I guess that people see them primarily as a phone, and hence have less aversion to purchasing them. If Nokia get into the same game, then the P900 market share will look like childs play.

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  1. I love articles like this that basically state ‘we’re some consultants speaking out of our arse and we think this might possibly happen’. Even funnier (unless you’re a shareholder) is when it spooks the investors.

    Still it does kinda make sense. Treo600’s are selling like hot-cakes.

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