Is GMail De-Facto Public?

GMailIt seems that I’m not the only one who is furiously pumping GMail invites through the isnoop invite spooler. This guy is getting the same behaviour: basically when I empty my 6 invites, I get 6 more within a couple of days max, but usually within minutes.

I’m guessing that Google are using the invite device as a way to ramp up load in a controllable way. Surely they could just open up public signups, and just close them when they have the desired user count? Add a ‘limited time only’ disclaimer and you’d get your 500,000 extra users in a couple of days. Instead they are relying on existing users to do the legwork. Given that the spooler has effectively removed any glamour from having an acoount and doleing out invites, there really is no point in them anymore.

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