Eyeballing the Eyeballs

Eye Movement PatternThere’s some really interesting results from eye-tracking research over here. Basically the researchers used eye-tracking devices to record how visitors to a number of mock and real websites viewed the page. The results show some expected stuff (e.g. the top-left of the page gets the most eyeball time), but also some interesting revelations:


The Eyetrack III researchers discovered something important when testing headline and type size on homepages: Smaller type encourages focused viewing behavior (that is, reading the words), while larger type promotes lighter scanning….This was especially the case when we looked at headline size on homepages. Larger headlines encouraged scanning more than smaller ones.




Underlined headlines discouraged testers from viewing blurbs on the homepage… This may be related to a phenomenon that we noted throughout the testing: visual breaks — like a line or rule — discouraged people from looking at items beyond the break, like a blurb. (This also affects ads, which we address below.)


Damn… I may have to something about those big blue headlines between my posts… 🙂

(via BoingBoing)

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