Bontago: Not Your Average 3D Shooter

BontagoStu pointed me to a very interesting looking game. Bontago is a real-time multiplayer strategy game, playable against the computer or up to 8 players. It appears to be like some mad 3D multiplayer battle Tetris. Driven by an accurate physics engine, the object is to make stacks of blocks to capture territory. The higher the stack, the more territory you control. This means you have to decide whether to build a few tall, unstable towers, or lots of smaller towers.


Blocks are given randomly to players and come in a variety of semi-random shapes. The base block unit is a cube. Several types of blocks are made as a combination of base units.

Specialty blocks can be attained by extending the controlled area around gift boxes randomly dropped on the map during the game. The next block the player receives after encircling the crate will be a specialty block. These include volcano, earthquake, rocket, and other blocks. Smashing a specialty block in any obvious way will activate it.

Bont?go uses realistic Tokamak powered physics, and the disk can tilt on its fulcrum if certain special blocks are activated. Towers will fall, blocks will slide off the game world, and specialty blocks will wreak havoc on opponents. Although the rules are simple, strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and a bit of luck is required to win this game.


Very simple idea, but often the most simplistic games are the most fun.

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