Ticketek Fails Astroturfing 101

In a slick segue from my previous post on T-Mobile, Ticketek NZ have also had a decent raking-over-coals in the past week. It culminated today with their failed astroturf attempt hitting the tech section of the NZ Herald.

I first saw the story on WebFroot. Basically it goes like this:

  • Alan over at Half Pie makes a post complaining about the fairly average usability of Ticketek’s website.
  • Others allow as to how they find the website equally difficult to use.
  • ‘Simone’ (is it just me, or is this a poorly-veiled reference to the film of the same name (starring Al Pacino) in which Simone is an artificial character?!), posts about how much she loves Ticketek.
  • Alan does a simple check on Simone’s source IP, and discovers it belongs to Ticketek. Hilarity ensues
  • WebFroot and BoingBoing pick up on the story.
  • New Zealand’s largest daily newspaper sticks the boot in.

Aaah. It’s a fine day in little old New Zealand when we get our very own scandal in the blogosphere.

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