The Obligatory Forums

Okidoke. We’ve perused the options, and decided on PunBB for the site obligatory site forums. Head over here for a lookie. I’ve even posted a tasty personal confession in the Off Topic forum to get the ball rolling.

PunBB is a nice forum system that produces some fairly compact pages. I rue that they’ve used tables for layout instead of CSS, but hey, you can’t have everything eh? The setup was insanely easy, and I highly recommend you have a look at PunBB if you’re using (or considering) something similar.

We’re starting out small and cozy with a couple of Gadget-related forums, but if you’re vaguely interested in joining a small, close-nit, small, fun (did I say small?) community, then just post something in Off Topic and we’ll add more forums as required. You might want to peruse the ‘rules‘ before posting though! 😉

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