T-Mobile Spanking (disguised as Sidekick review)

The editor at Gizmodo has finally blown his top over less-than-stellar service from T-Mobile.


So I’m heartbroken. I’ve just spent a week using the T-Mobile Sidekick II, and I think it’s probably one of the best mobile devices I’ve ever used. And I can say, with total conviction, that I will never, ever purchase one and neither should you. In fact, after the experiences I’ve had today with T-Mobile, I’m not sure I can ever recommend one of their products again.


I’m particularly interested by this bit:


Until I tried to use my phone. It was still off, so I called T-Mobile again, not twenty minutes after hanging up with Patty the first time. Long story longer? There was no notes from Patty about giving me a credit. She lied to me. The refund – the one she calculated the taxes for – was a lie. She even made notes on my account indicating that she’d tried to placate me, but ultimately I was inconsolable.


What the hell is up with some of these customer service reps? Granted, you’re sitting in a call centre somewhere, probably far removed from the actual T-Mobile business itself, but why lie? What is the point of telling a customer that you are going to do something, but not do it? I’ve had this happen to me with other companies, and absolutely regret not taking the operators name. These days, if I’m talking to a customer service operator and expect any sort of followup (good or bad), I’m super-careful to ask their name, and sometimes even the location of the call centre (many companies cut over to an off-site call centre outside of normal hours). More than once I’ve had interesting conversations on subsequent calls that go something like “But yesterday at 2pm Jane told me that you would….”

I’m wondering how long before T-Mobile starts to counter this review with some enterprise-grade astroturfing. I’ve seen similar complaints around the blogosphere, but Gizmodo is a fairly well respected and high-traffic weblog.

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